Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is beneficial during pregnancy.  One main reason to seek chiropractic care during pregnancy is for a misaligned pelvis as this may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This type of misalignment could also make it difficult for baby to get into the best possible position for delivery.

Systems and organs are now providing for two and their optimal function is critical for the baby's healthy development. The mum’s spine and pelvis undergoes many changes and adaptations to compensate for the growing baby and the risk of interference to the nervous system is increased. Specific chiropractic care throughout pregnancy works by improving the health potential for both mum and baby.

The following changes can result in a misaligned spine or joints:

  • Protruding abdomen and increased back curve
  • Pelvic changes
  • Postural adaptations

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Reducing the time of labour and delivery - 25% shorter labour times [1]
  • Relieving back, neck or joint pain - 84% of women report relief [2]
  • Decreases the need for medical intervention during childbirth [3]

Our chiropractor has treated a huge number of pregnant mums and they have stayed on to be adjusted post-natal as well as their baby. Book yourself in for a Consultation and we will use techniques specifically tailored for pregnant women.

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