Arm & Wrist Pain

Arm and wrist or hand pain is commonly seen in people working in an office environment or suffering from a sporting injury. Some common conditions are carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury, arthritis and tendentious.

Such conditions can be caused by joint pain, overuse of muscles or issues in neck. If there is a compression in your neck area you could feel numbness, achy pain or pins and needles in your arm and wrist area.

Arm and wrist problems may cause other symptoms such as:

  • Numbness in shoulder, arm and/or hand
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tingling, burning or abnormal sensations
  • Weakness of the shoulder, arm, wrist and/or hand

Often, medical doctors will prescribe medications such as painkillers or steroids to deal with the pain, but it's critical to be aware this is only masking the problem, and may put you at risk for other health issues as a result of the medication.

Chiropractic treatments can use a a variety of tests to determine which area is causing the pain. Once diagnosed they will use a range of techniques and exercises to reduce pain and get you functioning to your optimal.

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