Leg, Knee and Ankle Pain

The joints of the lower limbs work extremely hard and even the simplest tasks such as walking upstairs can place up to 6 times our own body weight through the joints.

Common causes of leg, knee and ankle pain include:

  • Referred pain from an irritated nerve in the spine.
  • A vertebral disc injury such as a slipped disc or trapped nerve
  • Referred pain from low back, hip or pelvis.
  • Sprained joint or ligament.
  • Tendonitis. Commonly from repetitive use of a joint or muscle causing inflammation in the tendons.
  • Degeneration of a joint.
  • Muscle strain. Injuries sustained from physical activity maybe more complicated than it initially seems.

We have treated a number of patients with leg, knee and ankle pain from all age groups. The frequency and type of care will depend on the person and how long the condition has been there however after your Consultation with us we will be able to diagnose the pain and offer you recommendations on how to treat.

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