Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common symptom in primary care. It can be due to an intrinsic shoulder problem but pain can also be referred from other structures, such as the neck, diaphragm or the heart. Like other pain conditions, the sooner you get appropriate care the quicker the pain will go and more importantly, the less likely you are to get a recurring and chronic problems.

Signs that you should seek treatment include:

  • Shoulder pain that persists beyond a few days
  • Recurring shoulder pain, even if it has a history of settling on its own
  • Injury that causes deformity of the joint
  • Shoulder pain that occurs at night or while resting
  • Inability to move or use the arm
  • Swelling or significant bruising around the joint or arm
  • Signs of an infection


The treatment of shoulder pain depends on the cause of the problem and how long the condition has been there for. It is important for the chiropractor to accurately diagnose the problem before any treatment can start, which is why we will always book you for an Initial Consultation before any treatment is started.

Resting, ice packs and painkillers are short term fixes and will just cover your shoulder pain in the short term.

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